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Glimpses of God – Part 12 – Love Stories


Glimpses of God – Part 12

Love Stories

Welcome to Hope Sabbath School–an in-depth interactive study of the Word of God.  We are continuing a series of studies on Glimpses of God.  Our topic today:  Love stories.

New Scripture Song: “O God you are my God” Psalm 63:1-4


1)     God – the great lover

a)     1 John 4:8

b)     Do we view God as a great lover?

2)     The first romance on earth

a)     Genesis 2:21-25

b)     What does this story tell us about God’s plan for our human family?

c)      What does this story tell us about God?

3)     God’s desire for a love relationship with His children

a)     Isaiah 43:4

b)     Isaiah 62:5

c)      Jeremiah 31:3

d)     What are your thoughts and feelings as you consider God’s intense love for you?

4)     A book of romance

a)     Song of Solomon 1:1-17

b)     Song of Solomon 2:14

c)      Song of Solomon 4:9-11

d)     Why is the Song of Solomon, also called the Song of Songs, included in the Bible?

i)       What does this story tell us about God’s plan for our human family?

ii)     What does the inclusion of this story in the Hebrew Scriptures tell us about God?

5)     Jesus and Romance

a)     John 2:1-11

b)     This story is often quoted as the first recorded miracle of Jesus.  Why did Jesus take the time to attend a lengthy wedding celebration?

c)      John 11:1-5, 32-36; John 12:1-8

i)        While it is clear that Jesus loved Mary, along with her sister Martha and her brother Lazarus, there is no evidence in Scripture that Jesus became romantically involved with Mary or any other woman, as some have suggested.

ii)     Why didn’t Jesus model for us what a healthy romantic relationship looks like?

6)     Discussion questions

a)     What are some ways that we can express our love for God?

b)     Why is the counsel found in Hebrews 13:4 so important in our pleasure-seeking world where people are lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God?

c)      How can we be sure that we are expressing our love for one another in appropriate ways?

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