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Glimpses of God – Part 7 – Lord of the Sabbath


Glimpses of God – Part 7

Lord of the Sabbath

Welcome to Hope Sabbath School–an in-depth interactive study of the Word of God.  We are continuing a series of studies on Glimpses of God.  Our topic today:  Lord of the Sabbath.

New Scripture Song: “O God you are my God” Psalm 63:1-4


1)     The Sabbath in Genesis

a)     Genesis 2:1-3

i)       What four actions of God are recorded here?

ii)     Why do you think the expression “the seventh day” is repeated three times?

b)     How do you relate to the fact that the Sabbath is not mentioned again in the book of Genesis?

2)     The Sabbath in Exodus and Deuteronomy

a)     Exodus 20:8-11

b)     Deuteronomy 5:12-15

c)      What differences do you notice between the two texts?

d)     Is this a contradiction or an expansion?

3)     Jesus and the Sabbath

a)     A time of blessing

i)       Matthew 12:1-13

ii)     Mark 2:27-28

iii)   Did anyone grow up viewing the Sabbath as a burden rather than a blessing?

iv)   How has the Sabbath become a blessing for you?

v)     How have you shared that blessing with others?

b)     A time for healing

i)       John 5:1-9

ii)     Luke 13:10-17

iii)   Mark 3:2-6

iv)   Why did Jesus perform these miracles on the Sabbath even though He knew that His actions would arouse the hostility of the religious leaders?

v)     How can we make the Sabbath a time of healing not only personally but also for those around us?

c)      A time to rest in God

i)       Luke 4:16

ii)     Luke 23:50-24:7

iii)   Was it a coincidence that Jesus rested in the tomb on the Sabbath day?

4)     Discussion questions

a)     How would you respond to someone who says, “I rest in God every day—I don’t need one special day”?

b)     Is it possible to cease from work every Sabbath and fail to experience rest in God?  How can we avoid that tragedy?

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