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I am truly amazed each time I receive an email from a Hope Sabbath School member. When people share how much the class means to them, I praise the Lord! Viewers explain that they watch Hope Sabbath School before going to their own local Bible study. Others share that Hope Sabbath Schoolis their spiritual lifeline because there is no church nearby or because they would be arrested for attending a Christian meeting.Each week, viewers are drawn closer to their Savior because Hope Sabbath School encourages personal study. Through intimate devotional time with God, Hope Sabbath School members deepen their spiritual relationship. Praise the Lord that God is using Hope Sabbath Schoolto transform lives for Christ!Won’t you help Hope Channel continue its ministry to reach millions? Your partnership, whether financial or in prayer, makes a difference. Thank you for your prayerful support.With Christian love and prayers,
Derek & Bodil Morris